Thomas Sorg Wins Springfield DAISY Award

September 18, 2019

Thomas Sorg, a 6B nurse in Springfield, made all the difference for a patient having a heart attack and his wife. They wrote a letter explaining how much he imapacted their lives:

I just wanted to let you know what beautiful nurses and caregivers you have on 6B. The first nurse we met at Mercy was Thomas and he put us at ease right off the bat.

The longer we stayed, the better he made us feel. I felt safe because of Thomas. He figured out that my husband had a heart attack—he was in the room when it happened. He knew what tests to run to find out for sure. When my husband found out he had to have an angiogram, he was so scared. The night before he was going to have it done he wanted to cancel it. Thomas helped me talk him into going ahead and having it done.

Thank God we did, because he had a 99% blockage in the widow maker. Thomas saved his life twice. He also kept an eye on me because my blood sugar levels kept dropping low, which had never happened before.

This has been such an overwhelming and scary time. I had a few breakdowns and Thomas always came in and talked to me. He just listened and gave me good advice, which made me feel better. He helped my husband so much too—he never gave up on him. He is the most compassionate, kind and understanding nurse I have ever had the joy of meeting. I can tell he loves his job by how much he loves his patients and their families.

You always have that one person who stands out and goes beyond to help—Thomas is that one. He’s a rock star.

Congratulations, Thomas on winning the DAISY Award!