First Mercy Hospital Ardmore Caregiver Vaccinated for COVID-19

December 16, 2020

Heroic caregivers who have been at the bedside caring for COVID-19 patients throughout the pandemic were the first at Mercy Hospital Ardmore to get a vaccine Wednesday to fight the virus.

Dr. Lindsay Wilson works in the emergency department at Mercy Hospital Ardmore and was the first co-worker to receive the vaccine Wednesday.


“We are incredibly thankful to those who made the potentially life-saving COVID-19 vaccine and delivery possible,” said Daryle Voss, Mercy Hospital Ardmore president. “This may not be the end of the pandemic, but there is hope that an end is now in sight. We are extremely thankful to all our co-workers who tirelessly care for our patients and each other during this difficult time.”

The Pfizer vaccine, which just received emergency use authorization Friday, arrived in Oklahoma Monday. The National Guard delivered the vaccine to hospitals across the state. Once the shipment arrived in Ardmore, they were quickly moved into the ultra-cold freezer set aside for its storage. From there, pharmacy staff began the process of thawing the vaccine in a designated refrigerator.

Mercy caregivers will be prioritized for the vaccine based on state guidelines, with those working directly with COVID-19 inpatients receiving it first.

Mercy Hospital Ardmore will have a full vaccine schedule for co-workers through the weekend. The first shipment will be enough to vaccinate all those working with COVID-19 inpatients followed by all Mercy co-workers when more vaccines are received in the coming weeks.