MRA Names St. Louis Transport Team Employer of the Year

June 24, 2021

Mercy Hospital St. Louis’ Patient Transport team was recently honored with the Missouri Rehabilitation Association’s Eastern chapter Employer of the Year award. The hospital continues to lead the way with disability workforce inclusion and the patient transport team, which helps move patients from one area of the hospital to another, has shown exemplary focus in this area.

Marisa Hiatt, MERS Goodwill director and Missouri Rehabilitation Association Eastern chapter board member, said in the nomination, “Kenton Saunders, [Mercy St. Louis Patient Transport manager], and his management team went above and beyond to help an employee succeed. They recognized this employee's strong work ethic and dependability yet realized training was not working. The supervisory team with the help of MERS Goodwill and Mercy’s disability inclusion supervisor and the employee came up with a plan to help him succeed. There were weekly team meetings to monitor progress and problem solve. This individual is now working independently and successfully due to this incredible team effort.”

stl-transport-team-mra-employer-year-award From left to right, Kenton Saunders, transport manager; Maggie Dains, job coach; Scott Amos, patient transporter; Keiran Talerico, equipment transporter; and Marisa Hiatt, MERS Goodwill and MRA.

“The fact that outside organizations are seeing firsthand what we already know – how inclusive Kenton and team are – is exciting,” said Paul Lenhart, Mercy St. Louis disability inclusion supervisor. “I work with Kenton on a regular basis and like you, see his passion for our co-workers (disability or not) which makes his department one that is looked highly upon.”