Mercy Adds New Medical Specialty in Ada; Opens Mercy Clinic Endocrinology 

September 6, 2022

 Mercy Clinic Endocrinology – Ada, located at 520 N. Monte Vista St., officially opened its doors on Sept. 6. The new clinic, Mercy’s first to offer endocrinology services in the area, brings the much-needed specialty closer to home for patients. 

“We are excited to bring specialized endocrinology care to the community,” said Terence Farrell, president of Mercy Hospital Ada. “We know management of chronic metabolic disorders is a need in southern Oklahoma. A new endocrinologist joining us in Ada is a real win for patients and another example of Mercy’s long-term dedication to improving the lives of our community.”  

Endocrinologist Dr. Elizabeth “Jasola” Omoniyi will help patients with a variety of conditions such as diabetes, thyroid diseases, metabolic disorders, osteoporosis and more.

Mercy doctor's coat Dr. Elizabeth “Jasola” Omoniyi

Dr. Omoniyi is originally from Nigeria and grew up in cities around the world. She earned a Bachelor of Science in microbiology from the University of Kansas and bachelor’s degrees in Medicine and Surgery from St. George’s University of London – University of Nicosia Medical School in London, England. Later she completed an internal medicine residency at Mount Sinai Morningside in New York City and an endocrinology fellowship at Houston Methodist Medical Center with a concurrent endocrine neoplasia fellowship at MD Anderson in Houston, Texas.    

“I am a huge proponent of having my patients be in the driving seat of their disease, rather than just a passenger going along for the ride,” Dr. Omoniyi said. “I believe that when patients take charge and are active in decision making, it leads to better treatment compliance and overall better patient outcomes. This has always been my philosophy when it comes to patient care, and it has worked very well so far.”   

She continued, “I love the small community atmosphere and how welcoming patients are. I look forward to working with my new co-workers and patients in providing the best medical care possible.”  

In her spare time, Dr. Omoniyi enjoys writing short stories based on her childhood and African background.   

Schedule Online with Dr. Omoniyi or call (580) 453-3545 to learn more about the clinic.