Husband and Wife Duo Provide Multigenerational Care in Oklahoma City

January 10, 2023

For physicians Mitch and Kristin Earley, every day is take your spouse to work day. In clinic, they often go by Dr. Mitch and Dr. Kristin to avoid any confusion among patients. He is enthusiastic about men’s health, and she loves women’s health. Together, they provide the whole range of expertise to their patients after recently joining Mercy Clinic Primary Care – Northwest Family in Oklahoma City.

The Earleys met in medical school at Des Moines University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine when Dr. Mitch was going into his third year and Dr. Kristin was entering her first year.

“Our family has taken care of a lot of other families over the years, which has been very rewarding,” said Dr. Mitch. 

Mercy doctor's coat Dr. Mitch Earley and Dr. Kristin Earley

Combined, Dr. Mitch and Dr. Kristin have over 42 years of experience in medicine. Sometimes patients overlap, which provides a unique experience for those receiving care and their families. As patients grow, Dr. Mitch tends to treat more of the men and Dr. Kristin sees more of the women and children.

“Family medicine is a great field because we have the privilege of caring for multiple generations of families,” said Dr. Kristin. “When you treat the whole family, you have a better understanding of your patients’ health, living and family situation. It completes the picture and allows us to provide personalized and informed support.”

Treating multiple generations of families has also led to some memorable moments. Dr. Mitch said, “I remember one of my patients gave me a hand-drawn picture, and as I tried to figure out what it was, I learned it was multiple generations of family members that either I or my wife had helped take care of in this little girl’s family, which was a fun thing to see.”

Both physicians appreciate providing general family medicine to any patient, regardless of age or gender. Preventive care is also an essential part of their treatment philosophies.

“I’ve wanted to be a physician for as long as I can remember. I was fascinated by how the body worked as a child, and as I pursued my education and career, it developed into an interest about how the whole person works,” said Dr. Kristin. “I want to create a partnership with my patients so we can better their quality of life together.”

In addition to general and men’s health, Dr. Mitch also provides sports medicine expertise to his patients.

“One aspect of family medicine that challenges me is figuring out a diagnosis and then determining the best course of action for a patient,” said Dr. Mitch. “I also really enjoy the diversity of patients that family practice provides. I can practice a variety of skills that helps improve a patient’s life.”

When they are not caring for patients, the Earleys enjoy sports, travel, music, cooking and trying new foods.

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