Retired Mercy Hospital Fort Smith Physician and Siblings Earn Guinness World Record

March 9, 2023

Dr. James "Jim" Post, a retired Mercy Fort Smith pediatrician, and his six surviving brothers and sisters were recently recognized by Guinness World Records for the highest combined age of seven siblings. Dr. Post is 99 years old, while his youngest sister is 91 and his oldest sister is 102.

Mercy doctor's coat Dr. James "Jim" Post and his siblings hold the Guinness World Record for the highest combined age of seven siblings.

Guinness World Records has dubbed Dr. Post and his siblings as “Officially Amazing” with a certificate of achievement for their combined long life of 682 years and 36 days as of July 26, 2022: the date of verification. The Post family has long been a part of the River Valley community and is well known for its Post Winery in Altus.

“To have a long life, it takes more than just genetics,” said Dr. Post. “The style of living does make a difference, and I suppose a glass of wine a day is good for your health. I think that was a pretty common habit in my family; a glass of wine with your meals was almost a daily thing.”

Dr. Post began practicing medicine in 1951 and returned to the River Valley after attending Yale Medical School. He was integral to the creation of the pediatrics unit at Mercy Hospital Fort Smith and also helped organize the first mass immunizations against polio in the region. His contributions as the first board-certified pediatrician in the area are immeasurable.

Mercy doctor's coat Dr. Post receiving a shipment of the polio vaccine at the Fort Smith airport for the region's first massive immunization event.

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Former Mercy Pediatrician and Siblings Recognized with World Record

Dr. Post and his siblings were officially recognized for the oldest combined age of seven siblings by Guinness World Records in January, 2023, after their age was verified and certifed by Guinness officials in July, 2022.