Mercy Honored With Healthcare Innovation Award

March 6, 2024

ST. LOUIS - Mercy’s work with electronic health record (EHR) integration and innovation has been recognized by Healthcare Innovation, earning third place in its annual Innovator Awards program.

Mercy’s nursing informatics and clinical integration teams set out to improve nursing satisfaction by improving documentation in the EHR. They discovered processes that were added to improve the experience were creating redundancies. The team launched Project ANEW (Advancing Nursing Efficiency and Workflows) to implement changes based on their findings.

Mercy doctor's coat Project ANEW team members include Tracy Breece, Cheryl Denison, Jill Seys and Betty Jo Rocchio.

The team updated flowsheet documentation, removed redundancy and eliminated more than 150 million clicks per year. Over the last 30 days, a decrease in time spent on documentation was maintained from an average of 167 minutes of documentation time to 130 minutes. Additionally, the usage of tools and reports related to clinical decision-making increased. Coordination and communication among the care team were enhanced, and nurses' satisfaction improved.

To read more about the award and Mercy’s Project ANEW, click here.