Cancer Survivorship Program

In many ways, the completion of cancer treatment is just the beginning of your journey. Thanks to breakthrough advancements in cancer care more people than ever before are living full lives as cancer survivors. 

At Mercy, we know that life will be different after a tiresome battle with cancer. We also believe that all patients should be treated with dignity and respect. Long-term physical and emotional side effects can take their toll on any person in a variety of ways. That’s why we personalize our Cancer Survivorship Care program to each individual. At this time, survivorship care is currently available in-person and online through virtual visits.

Cancer Survivorship at Pratt

Survivorship Care Plan 

Your life after cancer is about more than simply adjusting to a new normal. Our Cancer Survivorship Care program is led by a dedicated team of nurse navigators and advanced practice nurses, who work with you to develop a unique care plan that: 

  • Provides an individualized treatment summary for all cancer survivors.
  • Addresses any physical side effects that continue beyond the end of treatment.
  • Recognizes and addresses any psychological and psychosocial side effects of a cancer diagnosis while helping you cope with any fears of recurrence.
  • Outlines your follow-up care and improves surveillance of recurrence and any secondary cancers.
  • Promotes positive health behaviors including proper nutrition, regular exercise and stress management.
  • Improves your quality of life following the end of your cancer treatment(s).
  • Includes referrals to other specialists for treatment or therapies, where applicable. 

Survivorship Resources

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Mercy provides personal support for cancer survivors. Contact our Cancer Nurse Navigators at 314-251-6400.