St. Louis Antepartum Unit

Occasionally, it becomes necessary for a mom with a high-risk pregnancy or symptoms to need extra care. This may require a hospital stay on bed rest or limiting activities to help the baby grow safely. Mercy St. Louis has a beautiful, new Antepartum Unit, next to the mother and baby rooms on 7C.

Mercy’s Antepartum Unit in St. Louis provides comprehensive medical and nursing care in comfortable and supportive surroundings. Our maternal-fetal medicine specialist physicians work closely with the patient's primary care OB/GYN physician and neonatologists to ensure that mother and baby receive the best care possible. We care for pregnant women with the following conditions:

Antepartum Care in St. Louis

Our staff will help you find positive ways to handle the extra time on your hands, and lessen the stress and worry while taking special care of you and your baby. We’ve created a unique healing environment to support you in every way possible. Antepartum care at Mercy Birthplace in St. Louis includes:

  • Private rooms and flexible room service meals to help you feel at home
  • A recreation room to gather with your family
  • Group activities with other hospitalized expectant moms
  • Visits from a variety of Mercy health care professionals including activity therapy, pastoral care and physical therapy
  • Maternity education and group classes about high-risk pregnancy, strategies for surviving bed rest, and what to expect if your baby is born prematurely and requires a stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
  • Scrapbooking and other craft projects
  • A movie and book lending library

While You Are Waiting Program

Amy Mclean, RNC, BSN

Learn about our "While You Are Waiting" program at the antepartum unit in St. Louis.