Pregnancy FAQs

Learn more about what to expect and how to prepare with these pregnancy FAQs.

What's happening during my pregnancy?

Find out how your baby is growing month by month with our interactive Countdown to Baby Guide and our Healthy Pregnancy Guide.

When should I call my doctor?

Call your physician immediately if:

  • Vaginal bleeding occurs
  • Your water breaks
  • You have six or more contractions per hour before 37 weeks of pregnancy
  • There is a major change in the baby's movement
  • Any of your body signals are of concern to you

How should I prepare for my baby's birth at Mercy?

  • Install your baby’s car safety seat and have it checked. State inspection locator:
  • Preregister with Obstetrical Anesthesia Associates, Inc. Complete health history and insurance information forms at  or call 314-469-6800.
  • Pack a bag: For you, for baby and for your labor partner. Don’t forget your camera, extra batteries and baby’s going-home outfit. Download our handy packing list now.

I'm having a cesarean section. What should I do to prepare?

There are special classes and instructions for women who are having a planned cesarean birth. Download our preparation guide now.

Where should I go when I arrive at the hospital?

Do not use the emergency entrance. Go to the hospital's Main Entrance and enter through the front doors. Check in at the Maternity Welcome Center immediately to your right. We have two-hour parking spots reserved for Maternity Welcome Center guests in the Main Parking Garage next to the Main Entrance.

For answers to more pregnancy FAQs, call 314-251-1397.