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Mercy Springfield Cardiology 

At Mercy Heart Hospital Springfield, MO, we provide in-depth heart and cardiac care for various heart diseases and conditions. Our heart care journey starts with promoting healthy lifestyles and harnessing the latest technology and treatments.

Our Cardiology Services

Our cardiologists, vascular surgeons, and cardiovascular surgeons collaborate closely in Springfield. They pinpoint the most effective treatment for every individual.

Heart Failure Care

Our heart failure specialists offer thorough evaluations for those with advanced heart failure. You'll also gain access to our top-tier specialty treatments.

Structural Heart Program

Our Springfield cardiac experts boast vast experience in diagnosing and treating structural heart issues, including congenital heart defects, valve issues, and muscle abnormalities. We emphasize cutting-edge therapies and updated guidelines. Our services include mitral valve repairs and replacements, aortic valve surgeries, stentless procedures, and Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR).

Electrophysiology Care

In Springfield, Mercy's Cardiology Clinic stands out in cardiac electrophysiology. We skillfully assess and treat patients with various heart rhythm challenges.

Hybrid AFib Therapy

Patients with strong and persistent AFib that doesn’t respond to other treatments may benefit from this approach.

An electrophysiologist and a cardiac surgeon work together to perform this two-step, “convergent” procedure. They open two small incisions, one under the sternum or breastbone and one in the upper thigh. Guided by an “electrical map” of your heart, they locate the source of the irregular signals that cause AFib and create small lesions on both the inside and outside of the heart to block these signals.  

Patients generally remain in the hospital for observation for two to three days following hybrid AFib therapy. 

What is Lead Extraction?

A lead (pronounced “leed,” not “led”) is a tiny wire implanted in the body during pacemaker surgery. It’s threaded through a vein and delivers a small electrical pulse from the pacemaker to the heart, providing a steady, regular beat. Depending on the heart condition, as many as three leads may be needed.

Sometimes, however, the lead needs to be removed (or “extracted”) and replaced. Common reasons include:

  • Scar tissue buildup, which can block the electrical pulse from the pacemaker
  • Infection
  • Malfunction

Extracting and replacing the lead requires specialized equipment used by highly trained cardiologists. Mercy Hospital has two cardiologists on staff who are trained in lead extraction, ensuring that you don’t have to leave Springfield to get the care you need. 

Cardiology Services at Mercy Heart Hospital in Springfield, MO - Video Playlist

Dive into our video playlist and get an in-depth look at the cutting-edge TAVR procedure, patient testimonials, and cardiology services offered at Mercy Cardiology in Mercy Heart Hospital, Springfield, MO. Witness firsthand the expertise, advanced facilities, and commitment to patient care.

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