What to Expect the Day of Your Child's Outpatient Procedure

Upon arrival at the Pediatric Outpatient Sedation Unit, the nurse will fill out an admission sheet, review/confirm medical history, and obtain vital signs along with your child’s weight.

The pediatric anesthesiologist on duty will examine your child. At that time, he/she will explain the sedation/anesthesia and answer questions you may have regarding anesthesia. We encourage you to ask questions, as this may alleviate any concerns you have.

After the anesthesiologist examines your child, he/she will determine if an oral sedative is appropriate. This sedative will be mixed in Tylenol and given approximately 15 minutes before the scheduled procedure time. This will relax your child and facilitate the procedure.

An  IV may need to be placed during your child’s procedure. Whenever possible the IV will be started while your child is asleep. The IV will be utilized for blood work, medication administration and sedation. The IV will stay in place until your child has returned from the procedure and is awake, alert, and tolerating fluids by mouth. The IV is taken out before discharge.

Some procedures are performed in the Pediatric Outpatient Sedation Unit, while others are performed in a specific department. If the procedure is performed in another department, you may go there with your child and wait in the departmental waiting room. When your child’s procedure is complete, anesthesia and/or the radiology nurse will accompany you and your child back to the Pediatric Outpatient Sedation Unit, where you will stay with your child until discharge.

Every child responds differently to the medications. Some may wake up immediately after the procedure is completed, while others may sleep for longer periods. If the testing is scheduled during a regular nap time, he/she may tend to sleep a little longer. It’s not uncommon for young children to wake up upset, angry and tearful. Don’t be alarmed; they get over it in time. Once your child is awake and alert, clear liquids will be offered. Once clear liquids are tolerated your child’s IV will be taken out.

Before discharge the nurse will review written discharge instructions with you and make sure all questions are answered.

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Contacting the Pediatric Outpatient Sedation Unit

A registered nurse from the POS Unit will be calling you several days before the procedure. This nurse will review your child’s medical history and give you specific instructions on arrival time, diet and testing to be done. He or she will also discuss what medicines your child should take that morning.