AYA Cancer Coping & Support Services

Our Services and Support Go Beyond Treatment

AYA cancer patients have unique challenges, needs, and concerns and our program is dedicated to addressing all of these. At Mercy, we understand that beyond cancer treatment there may be physical, emotional, or cognitive changes that teens and young adults need help navigating.

Cancer Care Uniquely Designed for Teens & Young Adults

The coping and support services at Mercy's Young Adult and Adolescent Cancer Program include:

Interactive Space

A clinic space designed for the needs and interests of the AYA patient. This includes:

  • a game room with foosball, air hockey, video games and Dance Dance Revolution
  • various spaces with desks, tablets and computers for board games, internet surfing, reading or homework
  • individual treatment rooms with beds, couches, or a massage chair, all with personal TV's.


Various emotional, educational, financial and career counseling services are available through Mercy's AYA oncology program and are generally free of charge to our patients and their families.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available to assist with a variety of needs beyond just the medical costs of cancer care. Through the generous assistance of the Mercy Health Foundation, eligible patients may receive various types of support to help cover basic costs of living.

Fertility Considerations Before Treatment

The impact of cancer treatments on fertility can negatively impact the quality of life of adolescents and young adults once they overcome cancer. An oncofertility trained navigator will address the potential fertility risks and fertility preservation options for our young patients before starting treatment.

For additional information, contact:

Gina Sundmacher, RN, BSN
AYA Nurse Navigator
[email protected]

Supportive Treatments

A variety of support staff are available within the AYA treatment center and can provide support on treatment days and during clinic visits.  These include a social worker, psychologist, art therapist, music therapist, and, of course, Odin our Facility Dog.

Support Groups

An array of patient, parent and sibling support groups are available throughout the year. Support also often occurs through unscheduled and unstructured encounters with other patients and families in the open clinic facility.

For additional information, contact:

Laura Hanks
MSW, LCSW, Education Specialist, AYA Social Worker
[email protected]


AYA Information

At Mercy we support our teen and young adult cancer patients and their family members in unique ways that are appropriate, individualized, and essential for this age group.