Mercy Clinic Spine Center - Surgery Center

From bothersome back pain to debilitating spinal injuries, our Mercy Spine Center - Surgery Center team in Springfield, MO is here to bring you relief and better quality of life. Springfield’s most innovative and comprehensive spine-focused care includes our highly-trained spine surgeons who use leading-edge, minimally invasive treatment options. Our team of neurosurgeons, orthopedists, physical therapists and pain management specialists work together to evaluate, diagnose, and treat spine injuries all in one location. When you want the very best back and spine care, call on Mercy Spine Center.

Commonly Treated Conditions Include:

• Acute and chronic back pain
• Back and spine injuries
• Disc herniation
• Osteoporosis
• Osteoarthritis
• Sciatica
• Scoliosis and other spinal deformity
• Spinal tumors

Located in a state-of-the art facility, Mercy Spine Center uses a powerful, patient-centered team approach, bringing together the region’s most experienced team of spine care professionals.

Our Doctors

Spine Surgeons:

Todd Harbach, MD – Orthopedic Surgeon
Fred McQueary, MD –Orthopedic Surgeon
Paul Olive, MD - Orthopedic Surgeon
Brenton Coger, MD – Neurosurgeon
Sami Khoshyomn, MD –Neurosurgeon
Scott Kutz, MD –Neurosurgeon
Alan Scarrow, MD –Neurosurgeon
Chiazo Amene, MD - Neurosurgeon
Brian Ragal, MD - Neurosurgeon
Sunghoon Lee, MD - Neurosurgeon

Pain Management Physicians:


Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Physicians:



About Us

1229 E. Seminole Street
Suite 320
Springfield, MO 65804
Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday: 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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