Ada Community Paramedic

Home Visit from a Community Paramedic

Mercy’s care doesn’t end when you come home from the hospital. A physican-led care team works with you and your doctor to ensure you get the follow-up care you need after a hospital stay. The visit is free.

What Is a Community Paramedic?

While paramedics help people in emergencies, community paramedics help people with long-term (chronic) conditions improve their health. Community paramedics have special training in caring for chronic illnesses, and are are certified by the International Board of Specialty Certifications in Community Paramedicine. A member of your health care team will refer you for a visit by a community paramedic.

Getting Ready for Your Visit

  • Keep all of your papers and education from your hospital stay and have them ready to review.
  • Have all of your medications ready so the community paramedic can compare them to what’s in your medical record.
  • Have a list of questions or concerns about your care plan. It’s okay if you don’t have any.
  • Have something to take notes or write down questions.
  • Invite anyone from your care circle (family members, friends, or those close to you) to participate in the visit

Your Home Visit

A Mercy community paramedic will visit you within 48 hours of coming home. The community paramedic will come to your home in a regular vehicle, wearing clothing that identifies them as a Mercy EMS.

During the visit, your Community Paramedic will:

  • Help you navigate the health care system
  • Address your cares and concerns
  • Help you think of questions to ask your primary care provider
  • Provide any medical treatment as necessary
  • Help you identify community resources
  • Review and help you understand your care plan
  • Identify and address challenges to healing and future health
  • Review your medications with you
  • Schedule a follow-up visit

The community paramedic will help you organize information about your care plan in a way that you can easily use it, and will coordinate all care with your primary care provider.

Call 580-421-1117 if you need to cancel or change your appointment.

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