Mercy Diabetes and Nutrition Services - Carthage Hospital

Eat Well Live Well

At Mercy Hospital Carthage our registered, licensed dietitian is dedicated to helping you meet your individual nutrition-related goals.

Our Services:

Individualized nutrition education with a doctor’s order, and is covered by different insurance plans. Nutrition Education is offered for a variety of diagnoses and needs, including:

  • Diabetes
  • Prediabetes
    High Cholesterol
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Metabolic syndrome
    Heart Disease
  • Weight Loss Surgery
    Gestational (Pregnancy) Diabetes

Mercy Weight Management Services, including:

  • Individual weight loss counseling
  • Weight management counseling, before and after
    weight loss surgery

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Before your Visit:

  • Your doctor sends a referral to the nutrition center
  • Call your insurance company to find out what nutrition services are covered by your insurance plan

What to Exect at Your Visit:

Working together, you and your dietitian will design specific strategies to help you meet your nutrition goals and how nutrition relates to illness. In this 60-90 minute visit, you will also receive guidance on menu planning, grocery shopping, goal setting, emotional and mental aspects, long-term change strategies, cooking, recipe and cookbook suggestions and eating on the run.

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