Mercy StepOne Service™

Medical Withdrawal Management Services in Festus

What is StepOne™?

It’s the first phase in your recovery process. The Mercy StepOne Service™ is a hospital-based, three to five-day acute withdrawal management service in Festus, MO. Provided at Mercy Hospital Jefferson, this service is for adults who are in impending or the early stage of withdrawal from alcohol and/or opioids.

StepOne™ Withdrawal Services

  • Requires voluntary admission to the hospital.
  • Provides round-the-clock medical care by the hospitalist team and nurses at Mercy Hospital Jefferson.
  • Uses protocol-specific medications to reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms.

StepOne™ Commitment

When seeking treatment through the Mercy StepOne Service™ at Mercy's hospital in Festus, MO, you must be committed to staying in the hospital until you’re medically stable. Once discharged from the hospital, you must be motivated to continue substance use disorder treatment by transitioning to a service-based in your community.

StepOne™ Withdrawal Process

  • Telephone pre-screening
  • In-person assessment
  • Admission to Mercy Hospital Jefferson 
  • Acute withdrawal management
  • Individualized discharge planning
  • Post discharge follow-up 

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