Mercy Level III Neonatal Intensive Care - Northwest Arkansas

2710 S. Rife Medical Lane
Rogers, AR 72758
Fax: (479) 338-3255
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Most births move along smoothly. But if an emergency should occur, it’s good to know that Mercy has a facility, staff and birthing expertise to the care of critically ill newborns. Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in Rogers, AR is designed to meet the special needs of these infants. And while most parents don’t expect to need it, having a NICU just down the hall provides peace of mind.

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Our Technology

In the NICU, we use special technologies to keep little patients as comfortable as possible while they receive the extra medical care they need.

“Vein viewer” technology makes it easier to start IVs in tiny newborn veins. A special light improves the vein’s external visibility, reducing the need for multiple needle sticks.

Glide scope technology produces a consistently clear, real-time view of the airway, reducing tube placement time so baby can breathe easier – faster.

By minimizing discomfort during these common procedures, we make a stay in the NICU less painful for baby – and for Mom and Dad.

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Our Providers

Kacey Churchwell Apple, CNP, Mercy
Mercy Clinic
Theresa J. Ashley, CNP, Mercy
Mercy Clinic
Alison Lea Brinkley, CNP, Mercy
Mercy Clinic
Jesse Wayne Ford, CNP, Mercy
Mercy Clinic
Dorothy Diane Gleditsch, MD, Mercy
Neonatology, Pediatric
Mercy Clinic