Rehabilitation Technology

Mercy Rehabilitation Hospital uses the latest technology to provide improved patient outcomes. Our state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment works to ensure the highest levels of safety for our patients and treatment teams.

Ceiling Lift Systems

Ceiling lifts are utilized in both therapy gyms and in a number of patient rooms. These lift systems are used to protect both the patient and the hospital staff in the movement, handling and treatment of patients unable to support their own body weight.

Gait Training Un-Weighing System

The gait training un-weighing system is used either on land or in combination with a treadmill for partial-weight-bearing therapy. Partial-weight-bearing gait training provides assurance of comfort and safety which allows patients to concentrate on learning to walk again. It also allows the therapist to focus on facilitating and correcting the mechanics of the walking cycle without having to support the patient's weight.

Mercy's gait training un-weighing system is equipped with a dynamic suspension system that allows for vertical displacement of the patient’s center of gravity and functional pelvic rotation promoting normal walking mechanics during partial-weight-bearing therapy. This allows the patient to learn to walk with proper gait mechanics before being able to support their full body weight.

Balance System Technology

Mercy Rehabilitation Hospital uses balance system technology that provides the patient and therapist with real time biofeedback. This prompts the patient into proper postural and balance control during treatment sessions, allowing for specific targeting to improve proprioception (awareness of where your body is in space), stabilization and weight shifting.


Use of Nintendo Wii gaming system in rehabilitation enables a measure of fun to the patient’s rehabilitation. Therapists choose specific games and activities to strengthen targeted muscle groups, challenge the patient’s cognition, improve coordination, and increase their endurance/activity tolerance.

Varied Surface Gait Training

Our outdoor gait training courtyard is available for patients to practice walking on multiple surfaces (concrete, gravel, grass, stairs, inclines, declines, etc.). This provides our treatment team opportunities to simulate environments that closely resemble the challenges the patient will face after returning home.

VitalStim® Therapy for Treatment of Dysphagia (Swallowing Dysfunction)

The VitalStim® therapy system unites the power of electrical stimulation with the benefits of swallowing exercises. Combining VitalStim and traditional therapy allows Mercy therapists to accelerate strengthening while restoring function. Research has shown that combining these therapies results in better outcomes than using either one alone.

Low-Stimulation Gym

Patients who have experienced a stroke or brain injury often become overwhelmed in noisy, bright or busy environments. Over-stimulation can negatively affect the patient’s ability to complete their exercises, which slows recovery. Mercy Rehabilitation Hospital offers a separate low-stimulation therapy gym which provides an optimal healing experience for our patients.

Specialty Programs

Mercy Rehabilitation Hospital features dedicated rehabilitation programs for patients recovering from amputations, brain and spinal-cord injuries, complex orthopedic injuries, and stroke. Learn more about our specialty rehabilitation programs.