Understanding Anxiety Comorbidities

Conditions Occurring With Anxiety

When a person has two or more illnesses at the same time, the illnesses are considered “comorbid.” It’s not uncommon for people with anxiety disorders to have comorbid conditions. Depression, eating disorders and substance abuse often occur with anxiety disorders. 

Depression & Anxiety Disorders

Depression and anxiety are comorbid conditions. About 60% of people with anxiety also have depression, and the numbers are similar for people with depression who experience anxiety.

Substance Abuse & Anxiety Disorders

People may turn to alcohol or drugs to ease anxiety symptoms, but this can lead to substance abuse. When substance abuse and anxiety disorders occur together, symptoms are worse for both. And people with anxiety may have more severe withdrawal symptoms when they stop using alcohol or drugs.

Having two or more behavioral health issues is complex, and it’s important they be treated at the same time to help you get healthy.

How to Tell if it’s Depression, Anxiety or Both

Depression and anxiety are different conditions, but they can occur at the same time. Anxiety may be a symptom of depression, or depression may be caused by an anxiety disorder.

Both conditions can improve with therapy, medication or both. Lifestyle changes also help. These include:

  • Exercising regularly
  • Changing sleep habits
  • Avoiding alcohol, drugs and smoking
  • Getting support from family and friends
  • Using stress-reduction techniques

At Mercy, we offer treatment plans to make sure all your conditions are addressed so you have the best outcome.