Child Diabetes and Growth Disorders

Children come in all shapes and sizes. One of the reasons for that is hormones, chemicals that are produced by glands and released into the blood. When the hormones are in balance, growth and development stay on schedule. But too much or too little of a hormone can throw the body off and lead to endocrine disorders.

An overactive thyroid gland, for example, can cause your child to have trouble concentrating or sleeping, or lead to a fast heartbeat. An underactive thyroid can cause muscle soreness and make your child look puffy or feel tired.

Problems that stem from having too much or too little of a hormone are known as endocrine disorders. One of the most well-known is childhood diabetes, which is caused when the body can’t produce enough insulin. Without insulin, the sugar in your child’s blood could rise above normal levels and leave her feeling thirsty, tired, hungry and going to the bathroom frequently.

Other common problems caused by endocrine disorders in children include:

  • Obesity
  • Growth disorders
  • Early or delayed puberty

Pediatricians at Mercy Kids are trained to deal with the vast array of endocrine disorders. They can pinpoint which hormones are not in balance and offer medications that keep hormones at normal levels.

With help from the Mercy team, your child’s growth and development can get back on track.

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