Child Incontinence


Bed wetting, potty accidents and not making it to the bathroom in time are part of growing up. By the age of five, 80 to 90 percent of children can get through the day and night without urinary or bladder problems, also known as urinary incontinence. By age 10, the number is about 5 percent and by age 18, it's down to 1 percent.

Sometimes, a child who is having trouble needs extra help, especially if he or she has one of these incontinence symptoms or conditions:

  • Overproduction of urine
  • An internal alarm that has yet to develop
  • Infection
  • Small bladder
  • Anxiety
  • Trouble breathing at night or excessive snoring, known as sleep apnea
  • Diabetes

The causes can be hard to put into words. A young child may not be able to tell you what’s wrong. An older child may be embarrassed to talk about it. And you may be frustrated.

When your child has a urinary or bladder problem, such as urinary incontinence, Mercy Kids is here to help.

Our pediatricians are trained to diagnose child urinary conditions and find just the right treatment. We’ve helped thousands of children with the same issues, and we know how to put them – and you – at ease.

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