Child Paraphimosis


After the birth of a son, parents face the question of circumcision, surgery to remove the skin (foreskin) covering the tip of the penis. The choice to keep or remove the foreskin comes with pros and cons.

One potential complication in uncircumcised boys is paraphimosis (phimosis), a condition in which the foreskin tightens and retracts, and cannot return to its normal position over the head of the penis. The condition almost always occurs accidentally, after an examination, cleaning or bathing. If the foreskin remains in this position, it can become inflamed or infected, causing swelling, loss of blood flow and eventually, tissue damage.

Paraphimosis symptoms include:

  • Swelling of the tip of the penis
  • Pain
  • Inability to pull the foreskin back over the tip of the penis
  • Dark red or bluish color of the tip of the penis
  • Difficulty urinating, especially in older boys

If you think that your son is suffering from paraphimosis, contact us right away.

Pediatric surgeons with Mercy Kids are specifically trained to evaluate and treat children of all ages. We can reduce the pain and swelling immediately and offer a variety of options to correct the problem permanently.

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