Headaches range in severity, and everyone has different headache triggers. For some, it may be foods like cheese or things with artificial sweeteners. For others, it might be stress level or even the weather. Identifying the underlying causes for headache can help you prevent future headaches, control minor headaches before they get worse and relieve the suffering of major headaches.

Commonly treated types of headaches include: 

Treatment options can include education and counseling, lifestyle changes, natural minerals and vitamins, prescription medications and Botox. Our goal is to identify the type of headache and underlying causes and to treat or help in managing the pain. At Mercy, you’ll find that effective management also means we provide compassionate care. We listen to and address all of your concerns: body, mind and spirit, so you can feel complete relief and return to a normal, active life.

Symptom Checker

Do you have a headache problem? Check your symptoms now.

Stop a Migraine Before It Starts

Discover straightforward steps that can help you avoid migraines.

Headache Journal

Download our journal to track your headaches and talk with your doctor.

Mastering Migraines

Download our infographic with facts about migraines.


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