Pet Peace of Mind®

What is Pet Peace of Mind®?

Pet Peace of Mind allows patients to complete their end-of-life journey with the comfort and companionship of a pet without worrying about their pet’s current or future needs. Unfortunately, many people in hospice care are physically or financially unable to care for their pets but still benefit greatly from their presence. Simple tasks like feeding, walking, grooming or taking a pet to the veterinarian are difficult, if not impossible. The Pet Peace of Mind program provides solutions to these challenging situations.  

Pet Peace of Mind® Services at Mercy

Mercy Hospice Pet Peace of Mind services are needs-based and depend upon volunteer availability. Services may include:

  • Financial assistance for pet food and litter
  • Pet care, such as feeding, walking, waste pickup and socialization
  • Veterinary care, such as vaccinations, medications or heartworm testing
  • Assistance with rehoming the pet when necessary

If you are a hospice patient or caregiver and need some extra help caring for a pet, please let your care team know.

Supported by Purina

Like Mercy Hospice, Purina believes that people and pets are better together. Purina supports Pet Peace of Mind in its work that honors that bond and works to find loving homes for pets when owners pass. 

Meet Some of Our Pets

Meet some of the Mercy Hospice Pet Peace of Mind pets at our various locations.

Mercy Pet Peace of Mind Locations