Joint Replacement


From an early age, we instinctively rely on our hips, knees and shoulders for routine activities - walking, bending over, throwing a ball or carrying groceries. We may not appreciate how important our joints are until we develop pain, stiffness and other symptoms that make it hard to move.

Joint problems can occur for many reasons, including:

  • Age-related degeneration. Daily use of your shoulders, hips, knees and other joints can cause bone and cartilage to wear away as you age.
  • Arthritis, including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, attacks your joints. Pain, swelling and stiffness may get worse over time and cause severe joint damage.
  • Trauma. Injuries such as a shoulder fracture or torn ACL can cause long-term pain and stiffness. The injured joint may also be prone to arthritis later in life.

If joint pain is affecting your ability to work, sleep and take part in normal daily activities, it may be time to talk to your Mercy doctor about joint replacement surgery – especially if other treatments like medicine and physical therapy aren’t working.

Joint Replacement Surgery at Mercy

Mercy’s orthopedic surgeons perform joint replacement surgeries that include:

After recovery, most patients report little or no pain and improved mobility.

Our orthopedic team will see if you are a candidate for surgery based on your symptoms, age, health and lifestyle. If you decide to have surgery, we'll make sure you understand the benefits and risks. We’ll also make sure you know what to expect during and after the procedure, including rehabilitation and recovery.

We understand that pain takes a toll on your well-being, and we want to help you become pain-free. Our goal is to restore not only your mobility but your peace of mind, knowing you can enjoy a more active and independent life.

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