Mastopexy (Breast Lift) FAQs

Breast Lift Questions & Answers

Also known as a breast lift, a mastopexy is a surgical procedure that redefines the shape of the breasts. During this operation, excess skin will be removed and the breast tissue itself is reshaped to lift the breasts.  Learn the answers to several frequently asked questions about breast lifts.

While every woman’s body is unique, recovery times for a mastopexy can take up to 6 weeks. You’ll most likely feel aches and pains around the point of incision for several months following your procedure. 

Scarring is an inevitable part of any breast lift procedure. How prominent your scars appear depends on where your Mercy surgeon makes his or her incision(s). Your scars can take as long as a year and a half to heal, but will become less noticeable over time. 

here isn't a set time that the results of a breast lift will last. Factors such as your age, genetics and dietary habits can all affect how long your breast lift lasts. Taking care of your skin and avoiding weight fluctuation can extend the life of your breast lift. 

Since most breast lifts are considered cosmetic surgeries, most insurance providers won't cover the cost of them. However, if a mastopexy is a part of a reconstruction done after a mastectomy (breast removal), exceptions may be made. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control, mothers who've had breast lift surgery should still be able to produce milk for breastfeeding. However, it's possible their overall milk supply won't be completely full.