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Celebrating 5 Years!

Mercy Research is celebrating five years of continued commitment to serving the community.

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Mercy Research is one of the nation’s largest fully integrated, community health system-based research organizations. We are part of Mercy – the seventh largest Catholic health system in the U.S. and an IBM Watson Health Top 5 large U.S. health system for four consecutive years. With an extensive regional presence over four states, Mercy offers a millions-strong, diverse patient population with single touch-point coordination. Mercy Clinic serves as the fourth largest integrated physician clinic organization in the country. Mercy Research continues this commitment by focusing on being a top-tier community health clinical research and health care informatics team.

Mercy Research makes positive and lasting changes in the lives of individuals and communities by:

  • Participating in oncology clinical trials and non-oncology clinical trials
  • Supporting the development of new medical products, devices and drugs, medical treatments and delivery systems that transform patient lives and improve overall community health
  • Improving patient outcomes by analyzing and acting upon real world data
  • Offering patients the opportunity to expand medical knowledge for the future

Mercy Research: Improving Patient Health

JoAnne Levy - Vice President

Learn how Mercy Research brings trial opportunities and hope to more people, in more places.

Mercy Clinical Trials

Mercy has a long history of engaging in clinical trials research and outcome-based research. These roots have helped to develop our health care services for the communities we serve. On July 1, 2016, Mercy pioneered a new model for community health-based research when Mercy Research was formed, consolidating all research activities across Mercy into a stand-alone, not-for-profit entity.

Working in tandem with like-minded organizations, we are growing the number of patients and communities benefiting from clinical and health services research in support of our mission:

To bring to life the healing ministry of Jesus through our compassionate care and exceptional service.

Transforming the Health of Our Communities

Mercy centralized all research activities occurring across our service area into a stand-alone, not-for-profit entity known as Mercy Research. This type of infrastructure is unusual, especially for community health systems. Consolidating clinical research support across the entire health system allows us to standardize clinical, business and regulatory processes and use shared tools across a broad geography. This leads to increased compliance and improved risk management. It also increases stewardship by consolidating financials and allowing for better informed and more strategic decision-making.

Mercy Research’s Supersite® Advantages

The organizational structure of Mercy Research enables us to provide a unique research offering: the Supersite® study. This concept offers operational and clinical benefits to Mercy and Mercy Research by optimizing the use of resources and the deployment of operations to improve financial stewardship. It benefits the industry (e.g., device, pharmaceutical and other companies), allowing them to conduct research studies at multiple Mercy sites using Mercy Research’s centralized and dedicated clinical, business and regulatory operation resources.

With a Supersite® study, industry organizations can open a study in more than one Mercy location and/or state, with only one contract and one budget rather than multiple contracts and budgets for each location. This allows organizations to conduct more efficient and cost-effective clinical studies. It also allows for more diverse patient populations to be accessed for clinical study participation, which enhances the clinical value and reach of those clinical studies.

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