Pediatric Neurology

A child’s neurological system is the “control center” for everything they do. An illness or injury that affects the brain, spinal cord or neuromuscular system can disrupt the way a child feels, thinks, moves or acts. The effects can range from mild to major. If your child has symptoms of a neuromuscular disorder or is developmentally delayed, you need experienced specialists with the most advanced treatments and therapies available.

Our pediatric neurologists specialize in diagnosing, treating and managing childhood neurological conditions. We focus on identifying and addressing the cause of the problem, and restoring your child’s health and quality of life. We care for children with conditions including:

Compassionate Care For Your Child

We know how upsetting a neurological illness or injury can be – especially when it affects your child. Mercy cares for our youngest patients with thoughtful expertise and genuine concern for their well-being.

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