Day 130 - Deep Thoughts Part One

I’m going to be honest, some days I’m not sure if everything I’m doing and have done will be worth it the in the end.

I can’t wait to share success with you later down the road, but right now, that day seems very, very far away. My husband’s favorite thing to say when I’m expressing this type of frustration (a.k.a. complaining) is “it’s only a moment.” Let me tell you, it feels like the longest moment in the history of moments.

There comes a time in the bariatric journey where you have fulfilled many of your requirements, but are in a holding pattern waiting for things like insurance approval and the final green light from your health care team. It’s like being at the DMV with nothing to do except wait for your number to be called. It gives you a lot of time to think.

And here I am, still thinking about the last funnel cake to ever grace my palate, sigh.

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