Day 15 - The Cross Roads Speech

At some point in every overweight person’s life they hit a cross road—just kidding, I’m not going to do the cross roads speech, but I will tell you most people hit a breaking point (at least I did).

It might come on the heels of a denied activity, an uncooperative seat belt, or being unable to wear your favorite jeans (stretchy or not)—for me, it came with the news flash that I was the heaviest I had ever been in my life. And while my clothes still seemed to fit (with a little prayer and tugging), my aching knees weren’t allowing me the luxury of prolonged denial. They began to hurt daily.

And the most heartbreaking part is the fact that just six months ago, I was down 45 lbs., and feeling better. I just couldn’t seem to grasp diet maintenance…oh and have I mentioned that I’m hungry all the time?

I truly admire people who have the will-power to maintain a healthy diet when their stomach is growling—unfortunately I am not one of those people. Don’t get me wrong, I love to eat healthy! But, I’ve never mastered the art of eating healthy and feeling full…simultaneously.

And, I’m pretty sure I’ve tried every diet ever created, along with a few I made up myself just to mix things up a bit (sadly, the snack mix diet was unsuccessful). At some point, though, I labeled myself a serial yo-yo dieter and a chronic optimist who wants to do the right thing, but needs the right tool—enter bariatric surgery.

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