Day 205 - Surviving the Liquid Diet

You’re probably going to get very tired of sweet (sugar-free) stuff.

Seems like everything allowable on the liquid diet is sweet—after about five days of sweet stuff, I literally started to develop an aversion to just about everything I had available.

I decided to make my own broth with a lean chicken breast, green onion, carrots, celery and a bay leaf. After removing all the real stuff, the broth was quite delicious and was enough to last for a few days. It helped me endure…seriously, try it.

I’m also having dreams about eating—like I am at a big sit down meal and no one gives me a plate… seriously? I can’t even catch a break in my dreams. Day eight and counting of this liquid diet…

P.S., if you’re in this stage, keep up the good work and stay strong… in the words of my dear husband, “it’s only a moment.”  

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