Day 30 - One More Diet

When I finally made the decision to move purposefully down the path to bariatric surgery, I found out very quickly that this wasn’t something I could just schedule next week.  Most health insurance providers have minimum requirements that have to be satisfied before being approved for bariatric surgery.

Although my weight and BMI qualified me for surgery, I would still need to be in a doctor-supervised weight loss program for six months prior to the surgery.  My first thought was to just keep eating with abandon (and I did the first month into this program), but then I realized that after surgery, I would be making drastic changes to my eating habits, so why not start trying to find a healthy balance now?  

jennifer exercising outside pre-weight loss surgery

At the beginning of my second month in a weight-loss program, I finally got serious. And by serious, I mean I stopped eating mindlessly more times a day than I can count. I decided that instead of going full-scale diet diva, I would just start with simple changes.

First, I switched to sugar-free/lower sugar versions of some of my favorite foods and drinks. Next, I cut my portion sizes down. When I fixed my dinner plate, I made a conscious effort to only take half of what I would normally spoon onto my plate. But, I didn’t go nuts and stop eating everything but almonds and coconut milk. Lastly, I spent a few minutes, a few nights a week on my recumbent bike while I watched T.V.  

But would it actually add up to weight loss? This is the first diet where I had not attempted to starve my poor body into submission. Update to come.

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