Four Days Post Surgery - This is No Walk in the Park

I wish I could tell you that surgery was a walk in the park—it wasn’t. Between several sore incisions to trapped carbon dioxide gas which felt worse than the pain from surgery, it was a challenge to stay enthused. Eating soon becomes all that you think about…not because you’re hungry, but because you need the nutrients (to keep your hair). Before surgery, I thought “Oh, I’ll have my vitamins to fall back on.” Unfortunately, every vitamin I tried before it became cost-prohibitive, made me extremely sick to my stomach.

Additionally, I’ve bonded with my husband’s recliner because it’s the only position that feels good to sit/lay in. He misses sitting in it. I’ve also found Malto-Meal to be quite tasty with some sugar-free syrup and caramel protein shake mixed in. It’s a good thing because it makes up 85% of my meals. I’m taking it one day at a time, although four days post-surgery is a daily struggle to heal and get nourishment in my stomach. 

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