Two Years Post Surgery - Different Dreams... Same Strategies

It’s easy to get complacent or extremely “settled” in your weight management approach over the years. Right after surgery, I spent a lot of time obsessing over how to get everything “just right.” During the last two years, though, I’ve learned how to live. Goals have come and gone, ideas have been tried, challenges have been met—not everything worked. In fact, most things I tried to keep me motivated ending up failing, but here’s what happened in the last two years. I’ve found a handful of things that do work and have been completely dedicated to. For instance, I walk 8,000 to 10,000 steps per day, six days a week, with two 30-minute strength training sessions mixed in every week. I take Sundays off from planned exercise—and honestly, I allow myself to be really lazy if I want to! I have been faithful to this plan for more than two years! It’s what works for me and my life, and I’ve stopped trying to find new and interesting ways to exercise. Hey, if you find something you can do consistently for two years…why mess with that?

I eat healthy 70% of the time—I have certain “go-to” foods that I really like and are staples in my pantry. These include, nut mixes, lean breakfast sandwiches, baked Cheetos, string cheese and avocados. My diet’s not perfect, but my attitude towards food is in perfect balance, for the first time in my adult life—the war with food is over. P.S. I won.

The biggest win here, though, is that by making my dream of a healthy relationship with my body come true, it has inspired me to chase other dreams. Just recently, my husband and I started building our dream home and we bought a travel trailer with the intent to become weekend warriors (What’s better than hiking on a beautiful weekend? Hiking somewhere new on a beautiful weekend!)

Seriously…I’ve learned to be fearless after I conquered my yo-yo dieting cycle. Anything is possible once you get past the initial fear of making big changes…good luck my friends!

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