Resources for Vendors Doing Business with Mercy

Mercy uses a credentialing process for sales and service representatives of vendor organizations to manage access to our facilities and to protect our patients, our organization and our business partners as we seek to comply with various regulations.

Existing and potential vendors are required to register online, using a single, centralized system. There is a fee associated with registering, which is explained further in the Frequently Asked Questions document that can be accessed below. For additional assistance with the vendor registration process, please visit

Mercy Vendor Program

Planning, Design and Construction Information

Click here to access PD&C Homepage

Mercy’s Planning, Design and Construction team has developed resources to assist architects, engineers and contractors working with Mercy to build facilities that provide a safe and comfortable healing environment for patients. As a centralized service, Planning, Design and Construction posts the most current version of forms, policies, procedures and reference materials used throughout Mercy.

If you have questions concerning the most current version of a document or how to use the information provided, please contact the Planning, Design and Construction Department at 314-628-3494.

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