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Paperwork should be submitted to appropriate location:

Mercy Recruitment Oklahoma City
4345 W. Memorial Road
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Oklahoma City, OK 73134
Phone: 405-936-5626

Mercy Recruitment Ardmore
1011 14th Ave. NW
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Phone: 580-220-6304

Mercy Hospital Ada
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Phone: 580-421-1410

Mercy Learning Center

For New Graduates at Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City

Newly graduated nurses at Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City now have a way to ease into the profession before they begin working with patients. At the Learning Center, our goal is to fill the gap between nursing school and professional practice. New nurses, called “nurse residents”, will learn how to properly document patient charts and conduct assessments of commonly seen symptoms and disorders, as well as practice patient care fundamentals such as safe lifting techniques and code responses.

The Learning Center is designed to help newly graduated nurses who’ve passed the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) transition into the nursing profession. Here, nurse residents can focus on core competencies, professional attributes and simulation of nursing events, which can increase competence and confidence.

Through the Learning Center, you will be able to be placed in a nursing unit that’s the best fit as you begin your new profession and ministry. After graduating from the Learning Center, you will then be placed in the Nurse Residency Program for ongoing support and learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

  • You’re welcome to apply online at mercy.net/careers any time during your last semester of nursing school.
  • If you have not yet graduated, please note your expected graduation date in the Education section of the application.
  • Please allow 30 to 45 minutes to complete the application and another 30 to 45 minutes to do the Talent Online Assessment (TOA). The TOA must be completed in order for your application to be considered. You will only take this assessment one time, no matter how many positions you apply for in the future.

What title do I search for entry level nursing positions?

RN, New Graduate* Please only apply to positions to which you meet the MINIMUM qualifications. If “years of experience” is not specified in the minimum qualifications, you can apply to that position.

*For Mercy locations outside of Oklahoma City, search for any RN position and apply only to positions for which you qualify.

What should I expect after I apply?

  • We will contact you if you are selected to start the interview process. Your top three areas of interest will be discussed at the time of the interview. New nurses will have an opportunity to rotate through several areas of interest to determine the best fit as a new Mercy nurse.
  • Please allow two to four weeks for the interview process. We appreciate your patience as we review the large volume of applicants.
  • Once you’ve submitted your application, you can check its status online any time at mercy.net/careers.

Mercy Scholarship Programs

The Mercy Scholarship Program is open to both internal and external applicants, providing awards of up to $12,000 for students of nursing and other approved health-care programs. Mercy accepts scholarship applications all year, disbursing awards each semester. Recipients are required to fulfill a work commitment to Mercy of one year for every year a scholarship award is received.

Interested in the Mercy Scholarship program? Please carefully review the individual programs and eligibility requirements. To apply, submit an online application to your location through mercy.net/careers. (Locate the job posting titled “Scholarship: (your program name).

Applications are accepted year round and are reviewed semi-annually (April 1 and October 1). A limited number of scholarships will be awarded based upon Mercy’s projected needs.

If nursing scholarship money from Mercy is to be matched by the Physician Manpower Training Commission (PMTC), the money from Mercy will be given to the PMTC and distributed by PMTC on a schedule agreed upon by the scholarship recipient. Applicants must indicate intent to obtain matching funds upon application.

Payment of monies is specified and defined in the scholarship agreement. You must maintain a 2.5 GPA. Grades and specified documents must be received and verified by a recruiter before checks will be issued.

Repayment of the scholarship money is required as defined in the agreement for any of the following: Discontinuing the course of study leading to the completion of the program, failure to meet job requirements and standards, non-compliance with policies, termination of employment or failure to obtain licensure, certification, or registry.

Submission Checklist:

  • Completed online application (internal applicants complete transfer request)
  • School document confirming acceptance or enrollment in good standing
  • Current official transcript with grade verification (minimum of a 2.5 GPA
  • A total of two reference letters from any of the following: instructor, manager or supervisor
  • Essay stating objectives, goals, purpose and motivation for applying for this scholarship

Nursing Extern Program

The Nursing Extern Program assists students in gaining a greater level of self-confidence, communication, critical thinking skills, time-management skills, and clinical competence through reinforcing the fundamentals of nursing education, theoretical knowledge, awareness of the role of the professional nurse and the understanding of organizational structure and operations within an acute care setting.

Mercy’s Nursing Extern Program is a nine-week summer schedule designed to be an extension of the nursing student’s formal educational process. Students have the opportunity to take part in patient care and experience the realities of paid employment, staffing patterns and nurse-to-patient ratios. An RN preceptor oversees the student and provides professional clinical guidance during the program. As an extern, you’ll build relationships with current nurses and staff, enjoy educational opportunities and benefit from participating in supplemental learning activities. Nursing faculty is on-site throughout the program.*

Upon application to the Nursing Extern Program, your area of preference will be heavily considered but is not guaranteed. Interviews will be held in March.

As an extern at Mercy, you will be required to follow the same schedule as your assigned preceptor, including weekends and holidays. Additional educational offerings are required at certain locations.

Once you’ve completed the Nursing Extern Program, we encourage you to apply for the Advanced Nurse Tech/Nurse Tech role at Mercy. This position would allow you to continue your employment with Mercy and is flexible for nursing students.


  • Currently enrolled and in good standing in a Registered Nursing program
  • Successfully completed second semester of hospital nursing clinicals and must be entering senior year
  • Able to work 36-40 hours per week during the entire nine-week summer program

To Apply:

  • Complete application online at mercy.net/careers. Be sure to include:
  • Top three areas of interest
  • Shifts you are available to work (day, evening and/or night)
  • Expected graduation date

Paperwork required:

  • Recent copy of transcript
  • Letter of reference from hospital clinical instructor
  • Letter of reference from employer or past employer if not currently working (if already working at Mercy, a letter from your current supervisor is required)
  • One-page summary stating objectives for being selected for the program


Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.