Mom Recovers Rapidly Thanks to Robotic Surgery

April 3, 2012

Mercy General Surgeon Joseph Buendia, DO

When Shauna Austin, 35, learned she needed surgery to resection part of her colon, she thought she might get a mini-vacation out of the deal. Sorry, Shauna; no dice. Thanks to the minimally invasive robotic procedure performed by Mercy General Surgeon Joseph Buendia, DO, Shauna was ready to go home only two days later.

“I came in on a Monday and was home by Wednesday,” Shauna said. “I was out in the garden, pulling weeds, two weeks later.”

During traditional surgery, surgeons have to make large incisions – sometimes the length of the patient’s abdomen – to fit their hands inside the body on which they’re operating. With robotic surgery, surgeons make a series of incisions, about two inches long each, for the small “hands” of the robot to reach the desired organs inside the patient. Because robotic surgery requires fewer incisions, patients experience less scarring and blood loss, which means a faster recovery with less pain.

To learn more about robotic surgery, click the media coverage below, visit our web page on robotics, or visit Mercy’s booth at the 2012 Health and Wellness Expo April 7.

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