Trauma patient meets rescuers

September 17, 2012

Norman Scherrer and his wife Brenda

with West County EMS & Fire Paramedics

Cody Jennemann (left) and Kevin Bacon.

ST. LOUIS - On Sept. 14, Norman Scherrer was reunited with the man who saved his life.

In late July, Scherrer was on his way home from visiting his mom at Mercy Hospital St. Louis when he got into a car accident that sent him back to Mercy as a patient. His small SUV went off the road, flipped and fell about 15 feet into a backyard along Mo. Highway 141. He was trapped inside. Thankfully, timing was on his side. When he lost control of the car a woman noticed and called 911 immediately.

At first sight of the accident, West County EMS and Fire paramedics didn’t think he was alive.  Paramedics Cody Jennemann and Kevin Bacon beat the fire trucks to the scene. When they saw the vehicle starting to burn Jennemann went for the garden hose while Bacon rushed over and literally rolled the SUV off Scherrer.

“The patient would have been badly burned if I hadn’t acted immediately,” Bacon said. “His body was folded in half and he was blue. Until he took a breath I didn’t know he was alive.”

Bacon began CPR.  Within 10 minutes of the accident, Scherrer was loaded into the ambulance and rushed to Mercy.

Scherrer spent a couple weeks at Mercy Hospital St. Louis and then at Mercy Rehabilitation Hospital. He went home less than a month after the accident. Since that time, Scherrer has been attending outpatient therapy three days a week and is getting better each day.

Bacon and his crew recently visited Scherrer at Mercy Therapy Services and were amazed at how well Scherrer is doing. They also shared with him more about the accident scene. 

“After hearing the details, I have no doubt they saved my life,” said Scherrer.

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