“I Knew We Were in the Right Place”

May 9, 2013
Charlene Bruns

Charlene Bruns says the care at

Mercy was “as if we were family.”

Routine health care is nothing new to Maurice Bruns. For the past five years, he’s received dialysis treatments three times a week.  Between those appointment, multiple surgeries and regular checkups, Maurice and his wife Charlene can tackle just about any medical issue in their path.  But when Maurice was laboring for breath, this couple needed help quick.

“It seemed like a typical Saturday,” Charlene explained.  “Maurice had a dialysis treatment earlier that day and while he rested in the afternoon, he seemed to breath fine.  But as the evening set on, he had to work harder to breath.  As the night drew closer, I became more nervous and thought, ‘I can’t take any chances.’”

Charlene was able to transport Maurice to Mercy Hospital.  His shortness of breath triggered the convenient care nurse, Jan Boge, to triage him to the Mercy Emergency Department.  Within seconds, Christi Keating, RN, and Marc Enyart, MD, were evaluating and treating Maurice’s symptoms.

“I knew we were in the right place,” said Charlene. “My husband was in complete and competent care. They eased my anxiety right away.”

After testing to determine the root of the problem, they found that Maurice’s oxygen levels were normal and a steroid shot would relax his muscles and allow him to breathe deeper.

“Maurice has been ill for the past five years and each day is a gift.  Both Christi and Dr. Marc took every step to make sure this was not something serious. It was as if God meant to send two of his special people into our lives.”

“Christi cared for us as if we were family,” shared Charlene. “She has such a personal touch.  How lucky we are to have someone like her caring for patients at Mercy.”

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