UT Students serve Mercy patients

May 14, 2013

UT Dental students provide services to Mercy patients

University of Texas Health Science Center

San Antonio dental students serve

Mercy patients

Dental students from the UT-Health Science Center San Antonio are providing services to Mercy Clinic patients for one week as part of two selective programs at The University.

Six students, three from the Senior Clinical Selective and three from the Sophomore Preventive Outreach Selective programs, will spend approximately 7 days at the Clinic providing cleanings and fillings under the guidance on Dr. Juanita Lozano Pineda and Dr. Vidal Balderas.  The sophomore students also provide educational outreach side by side the Mercy promotoras (community health workers).

“We are always so happy to work with the UT students not only because they provide exceptional much needed services to our patients, but because we have an opportunity to mentor them and provide real world experience,” said Sr. Rosemary Welsh, Director of the Mercy dental program.

The students who are participating in the program are seniors Matthew Davenport, Stacey West and Luciana Torres, and sophomores Pegga Hemmat, Abe Houari and Charles Reyes.  Davenport and Reyes are both Laredoans.

Dr.  Pineda, the Director of Predoctoral Dental Outreach Programs, said the students both learn from and enjoy the Mercy experience.

“The students get hands on experience in a community health setting, and they have the satisfaction of knowing they have helped people who may be seeing a dentist for the first time, “ said Dr. Pineda.

The students will see approximately 125 patients.

Mercy Clinic is a comprehensive primary healthcare clinic with a focus on education and outreach leading to prevention and control of chronic illness.  A ministry of the Sisters of Mercy, the clinic serves the uninsured and financially disadvantaged in Webb County.

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