‘Glamour Lady’ Turns 103

August 29, 2013

Jeanne Breaux, 103, enjoys looking nice and

having her nails, hair and makeup done.

ST. LOUIS - Thomas Edison demonstrated the first talking motion picture the year Jeanne Breaux was born. Today, when asked what her favorite invention has been since her birth, it’s no wonder she says TV.

Breaux, a resident at Mercy Skilled Nursing, is celebrating her 103rd birthday on Saturday, Aug. 31, with her family, other residents and Mercy co-workers.

Born in New Orleans, Breaux came to St. Louis four years ago after being displaced by a hurricane. She’s known by all for her sense of humor, sarcasm and stubborn nature.

“She’s been known to tell people, ‘When you’re 102, your daughter is no spring chicken,’” her daughter Bonnie Walbran Newell, 75, said with a laugh. “She’s amazing! At 103, the only medication she takes is for her thyroid. She doesn’t have any other health problems - high blood pressure or anything.”

Mercy Skilled Nursing co-workers are all very familiar with Breaux. Sheldenice Lucas, CNA, a restorative aid at Skilled Nursing, said Breaux is a “glamour lady” and is in good physical shape.

“She loves to have her makeup, hair and nails done,” Lucas said. “She will walk all around the building with her walker for her exercise and not sit until she’s finished. There are residents in their 80s who have to take breaks during the walk.”

Breaux enjoys the many activities offered to residents including special entertainment, socials, outdoor visits, manicures, art activities and morning exercise.

Breaux has one daughter, two grandchildren and one great-grandchild, all of whom will be at her party.


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