Mercy Celebrates Co-worker Couple Dr. Jeannine and Frank Cobb

February 12, 2014

Frank and Dr. Jeannine Cobb

as prom king and queen 1966 and today

Forty-five years and counting!

Dr. Jeannine Cobb, certified obesity medicine physician, and Frank Cobb, medical assistant at Mercy Clinic Weight Management, share their “love story” as part of our Valentine’s week features on our co-worker couples at Mercy Independence.

When and where did you two meet?

When Jeannine was introduced as a new student in Frank’s second grade class in Mulvane, Kan.


How did you know he/she was “the one” and decide to marry?

Frank: “No one defining moment. We kind of grew into it.”


Dr. Cobb: “In high school when he asked me to sit beside him on the bus    coming home from a band trip. He and his friends needed a fourth person to play cards. Something clicked then, and I went home and told my mom Frank might be ‘the one.’ She said, ‘Not so quick, there are other fish in the sea!’”


How long did you date and how did you decide to marry?

Starting in their junior year (says Dr. Cobb) or sophomore year (says Frank), they continued to date through high school. Dr. Cobb reports they discussed marriage seriously for the first time during a Wichita State University basketball game, when they were both freshmen there.


They married during semester break of their junior year in college  -  Dec. 21, 1968 - at the Mulvane United Methodist Church.


Tell about the early years as husband and wife?

After graduating from WSU and after Dr. Cobb had completed nursing school, Frank got a hold on his orders to deploy to the Vietnam War so that he could attend law school at the University of Iowa. Dr. Cobb worked as a nurse at the university hospital, and Frank received orders to report to Fort Hauchuca in Tucson, Ariz., to prepare for a stint in Vietnam in military intelligence. During his training, however, the war ended, and he did not have to deploy.

Next came children  -  three boys  - and medical school for Dr. Cobb.


How do you celebrate your anniversary?

Usually, it’s something simple, but for their 45th anniversary in December, their entire family took a trip to Jamaica!


What is your favorite activity to do together?

Grandparenting! Also traveling, watching sports and tinkering on their farm near Elk City.


What topic do you disagree on most?

Dr. Cobb: “Money and budget! I’m not good about sticking to one. These ‘discussions’ are brief and I usually get my way.”


Frank: “When and/or how to go about retirement.”


Tell us about the family?

Three sons: Professor Barry Cobb, wife Andrea,  children Lexie, 11, and Evan, 5; Dr. Brian Cobb, OB/GYN, wife Jo, children Jackson, 14, Ike, 10, Harrison, 5, and Lincon, 3; and Dr. Matt Cobb, family practice physician, wife Tricia, children Ellie, 13, Kadyn, 12 and Cooper, 10.


Family highlights/challenges?

Dr. Cobb: “The biggest challenge in our family was the four years we went through chemotherapy and eventually a bone marrow transplant for our youngest son, Matt. That was 15 years ago, and now he is a healthy, strong and a family practice physician in Salina.

“Our family developed a tremendous bond during that time.  His brothers were at his side much of that time, and our oldest son donated the transplant. We celebrate that event yearly!


 “It has been an amazing 45 years!”

Congratulations, Frank and Dr. Cobb on 45 years, and best wishes for many more!