Mercy and HADH Celebrate First Year

March 5, 2014

Hermann Area District Hospital.

HERMANN/WASHINGTON, Mo. – One year after Mercy and Hermann Area District Hospital entered into an affiliation agreement, the region is benefiting with more doctors, more services and working towards a stronger hospital with more resources.     

“This has been a good partnership for Hermann Area District Hospital and the region,” said Dan McKinney, administrator for Hermann Area District Hospital. “Mercy has been dedicated to providing more doctors to area residents and strengthening the services we provide. Mercy continues to help us make progress to enhance services offered at the Hermann Area District Hospital.”  

March 1 is the first anniversary of the affiliation. The two health care service providers came together because they had services they could combine and share with patients to offer a better health care experience. A close geographical location between the hospitals in Hermann and Washington bolstered the importance of that partnership.

As partners, Mercy brought additional physicians to Hermann, allowing area residents to see specialists like cardiologist John Mohart, MD, orthopedist William Harris, DO, pulmonologist Umer Siddiqui, MD, and oncologist Christopher Hueser. DO. Bruce Glover, OB/GYN, starts seeing patients this spring.

“Mercy Clinic physicians bring their medical expertise to patients who live in the area, and that’s been a needed resource. They’re also increasing diagnostic, surgical and rehabilitation services performed in Hermann,” said David Chalk, MD, president of Mercy Clinic. “These services bring conveniences to patients and keep health care dollars in Hermann, which is good for Hermann Area District Hospital and the community.” 

Mercy Clinic will add more physicians in Hermann this year, and that’s not all. Mercy and the Hermann Area District Hospital are exploring adding telehealth services for stroke care to the emergency department at Hermann Area District Hospital. This will give stroke patients access to neurologists who can best prescribe clot-busting medications.     

“Telestroke is one of most important services we can offer patients, especially in rural areas,” said Terri McLain, president of Mercy Hospital Washington. “This gives them the fastest access available to stroke specialists, and it saves time. Saving time saves lives.”  

The partnership also has allowed Herman Area District Hospital to expand its pharmacy hours to meet regulations and cut spending on supplies by using Mercy’s supply chain. Mercy has rendered their expertise for assistance regarding operations, administrative matters, technology and training.   

“Our bond is strong with Mercy because they want us to be a stronger hospital for our patients and our community. That’s very important to both of us, and it’s why this partnership works so well,” said McKinney.

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