Firefighters Bring Smiles to Mercy Kids patient

March 6, 2014

Chris Moynahan and Joe Bauer of West County EMS and Fire

made special visit to patient who loves firefighters.

ST. LOUISMercy nurses help care for and comfort patients throughout their workday and beyond.

Emergency nurse Robin Ferris-Duncan was in the cafeteria on her break and noticed J.J. Greenberg, a young cancer patient receiving chemo. She saw J.J.'s blanket with fire patches from other states. Coming from a family of firefighters, Robin started talking with J.J.'s mom, Stephanie Dawson, and learned of his love for firefighters and firetrucks. Robin asked if it would be ok to have some of her friends visit J.J.

After hearing about J.J., firefighters Chris Moynihan and Joe Bauer of West County EMS and Fire sprung into action.

Not only did they come for a visit, but also arranged to bring a fire apparatus to the front of the hospital. J.J. came to the lobby to see the truck and other equipment. Chris and Joe left him with shirts, firefighter hat and a new patch for his blanket. Most importantly, they gave J.J. a smile as they knelt with him looking at the firetruck.

"Robin and everyone who stopped by went above and beyond to help a little 4-year-old," said Stephanie. "They didn't know anything about J.J. except that he had a blanket with patches and likes any first responders. I believe it not only brightened J.J.'s visit, but gave him another career that he could choose when he grows up."

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