Sisters of Mercy to be honored for 120 years of service

June 6, 2014

Laredo’s Sisters of Mercy will honor their 120 anniversary.

Laredo’s Sisters of Mercy will honor their 120 anniversary with events over the next several months and will be honored with the Mercy McAuley Award at a dinner on November 6 of this year.

The Mercy Celebration Committee, chaired by Agnes and Daniel Guevara with Altagracia Garcia serving as honoree chair, explained that in light of the anniversary and all the sisters have given this community, there was no one else who could possibly be honored.

“The Sisters have meant so much to this community not only because they established acute care in Laredo, but because they continue to be mentors, role models and spiritual leaders,” said Daniel Guevara.  “We are blessed that they continue to minister in Webb County at Mercy Clinic and Casa de Misericordia.”

Sister Maria Luisa, who spoke on behalf of the sisters present and past and said they were moved by the honor and restated their commitment to the charism of the Sisters of Mercy.

“We are humbled to be honored in this manner and happy to accept it on behalf of the hundreds of Sisters who served before us,” said Vera.  “We are blessed to be Sisters of Mercy and to have had such wonderful opportunities to work side by side with so many people toward goals we set together.”

Currently, five sisters continue to work in Laredo – Sisters Maria Luisa Vera, Olivia Obregon, Rosemary Welsh, Beth Yoest and Kathleen Tinnel.  Sister Maria Luisa Vera serves as president of Mercy Ministries of Laredo which is the made up of Mercy Clinic and Casa de Misericordia.  Sister Rosemary has a dual role serving as executive director of Casa and director of outreach at the Clinic.  Sister Olivia volunteers as the purchasing agent for Mercy Clinic.  Sister Beth teaches at St. Peter’s School and Sister Kathleen is in service to the religious community as vocation minister.

Previous Mercy McAuley honorees are Dennis Nixon in 2011 and Daniel Guevara, Judith Gutierrez and Dr. Ray Keck in 2013.

Close to 200 years ago Catherine McAuley opened the House of Mercy in Dublin to shelter and care for impoverished women and children.  A few years later she became a religious and founded the Sisters of Mercy who vowed to unselfishly serve the neediest in their communities with respect and dignity.  Faithful to Catherine’s mission, the Sisters of Mercy brought that same healing, caring and teaching to Laredo 120 years ago when they opened Laredo’s first hospital.

Sisters of Mercy Celebration

TENTATIVE Calendar of Events



June 5 @ 6:30p

Conversations with the Sisters – Immigration

All to be held at the Lamar Bruni Vergara Education Center

with concurrent sessions in English and Spanish.

July 10 @ 6:30p

Conversations with the Sisters – Earth


July 12 @ 10:30am

Spirit of Mercy Celebration and Mass for all Mercy Coworkers past and present at the chapel at Laredo Medical Center

August 7 @ 6:30p

Conversations with the Sisters – Nonviolence


September 4 @ 6:30p

Conversations with the Sisters – Women


September 24

Mercy Day – A community-wide celebration on the anniversary of the founding of the first House of Mercy in Dublin on Baggot Street.

October 2 @ 6:30p

Conversations with the Sisters – Racism


November 6   


Mercy McAuley Dinner honoring the Sisters of Mercy - Laredo Country Club

Chairs:  Agnes and Daniel Guevara

Honorary Chair:  Altagracia Garcia


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