Thankfully, the Care She Needed Was Right Here at Home

June 11, 2014

After double hand surgeries, Leslie Coder

is back to doing the everyday things she enjoys

in the hometown she loves.

As a third-generation Independence resident and daughter of a physician, Leslie Coder has a deep-seated appreciation for the availability of quality health care in her hometown. You might say it’s in her DNA.

That’s why she was so thankful to find the care and services she needed at Mercy Independence to treat a medical condition that may also have been passed along in the family.

It’s a painful and rather annoying condition known as “trigger finger” that affected the ring fingers on both of Leslie’s hands. While doing everyday tasks – like grasping a door knob or putting a pan on the stove – the finger would “lock” in the bent position. And when it would release….ouch!

“You don’t realize how much you use your ring finger until you experience something like this,” Leslie said.

Trigger finger occurs when tendons become inflamed and swollen and can no longer move fluidly inside the finger. As it turns out, Leslie’s sister has experienced the same condition.

“I don’t necessarily do a lot of repetitive motion with my fingers, so we’re not exactly sure what has caused it, but it could even be somewhat hereditary.”

Leslie’s right hand ring finger was the first to act up. After wearing a splint for a few months to keep the finger straight, Leslie decided to seek a medical intervention and visited Dr. Mekki Saba, Mercy Clinic orthopedic surgeon.

Dr. Saba explained the condition and how to repair it with a relatively simple surgery. Having been treated for carpal tunnel syndrome in the past, Leslie understood the workings of tendons and nerves, and it was an easy decision to have the procedure. Her decision was reinforced by Dr. Saba’s 40-plus years of orthopedic surgery experience and, Leslie said, his wonderful bedside manner.

“It was a very positive experience with Dr. Saba,” she said. “He is so kind-hearted, and he explained everything in great detail. You don’t feel rushed with him. He is very, very thorough.”

The procedure on Leslie’s right hand was done in December 2013. About a month later, she started experiencing familiar symptoms with her left-hand ring finger, and she knew exactly where to turn for help. Her left-hand surgery was done in May, and with a fair amount of stretching and flexing as her self-paced “therapy,” her recovery is progressing even more quickly the second time around.

From painting to crocheting to her many volunteer activities and even tennis lessons, Leslie is back to doing all the things she enjoys…in the hometown that she loves. And she is thankful that the care she needed to get her back on track was available right here.

“From the people who registered me at Mercy, to the nurses and staff in Dr. Saba’s office and in Surgery, …you know the people at your local hospital, and that counts for a lot.

“It is so nice to be able to get the care needed right here at home. It’s nice to have that hometown touch!”