Mercy's Coleen Moore's giving spirit and willing heart makes her -- A Saint Among Us

September 26, 2014

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Coleen Moore works on food drive

Coleen Moore is known for going above and beyond in her role as Mercy’s inpatient supervisor for therapy services. She is equally known for her deep devotion as the chairperson for the Team Mercy Food Drive Outreach Ministry. Coleen’s giving spirit and willing heart makes her one of Mercy’s Saints Among Us.

She may just be one person, but Coleen learned from Mercy’s Foundress, Catherine McAuley, that one person can have a big impact.  This week, Mercy celebrates Mercy Day, the opening of the first House of Mercy that Sister Catherine started in Dublin, Ireland in 1827. Mercy also celebrates co-workers who exemplify Mercy values and mission.

“I feel called to this ministry,” Coleen said.  “It is an excellent way to represent Mercy and to serve our community.  We coordinate a food drive in the clinics and hospital with co-workers donating food items, and we have food drives at local stores where we collect items. The food goes to the St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry. The work this food pantry does for the community is truly amazing.”

The lives touched motivate Coleen and the Team Mercy Food Drive Outreach Ministry to keep going.

At Mercy for six years, Coleen is most thankful for the others she works with every day.  In fact, working with Mercy co-workers is something Coleen describes as a privilege and a blessing.  “We have a great group of volunteers in the hospital and clinics who champion the drive in their areas.  One of the volunteers had a challenge to collect tuna fish in the clinics with a ’Biggest Fish in the Sea’  award.  We have volunteers that give up four hours on a Saturday to help with the store drives.  Many co-workers bring family members to assist at the stores. It is great to see young people engaging in community service.” 

The team often hears stories from food donors about how Mercy has touched their lives. From reintroducing co-workers to “Mercy Kids” born at the hospital, to recounting the news and rehabilitation from a heart episode, a day of service also turns into a sweet reminder of the service Mercy provides to families.

Also heard are the touching life stories from the St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry.  “Several times we have had people come out of the stores with many items to donate and tell us they at one time had to rely on the food pantry to feed their family and this is their chance to give back.”  Affirmation of why Coleen and Team Mercy do what that they do.  They’re truly all Saints Among Us.

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