Pain-free After Surgery, Patient Rates Orthopedist “Five Stars”

July 2, 2018

Rick Pickering knew he might need surgery after a fall in 2017 left him with lower back pain so severe he had to give up walking, an activity he enjoyed for relaxation and exercise. His movement was so impaired he had trouble getting up out of a chair and out of bed.

After researching physicians in the area, he saw Dr. Chad Jones, who recommended lumbar laminectomy, a procedure to remove part of the vertebra to relieve pain. After the visit, Pickering had some questions he sent via MyMercy to Dr. Jones, including how many of the procedures the physician had performed in his career. Just over 24 hours later, Pickering received a reply, which began, “These are all very reasonable questions.” Dr. Jones took time to research his own surgery counts to give Pickering an estimate that he had done nearly 400 of the procedures.

“That impressed me like nothing before,” Pickering said. “When I got that answer back, I said, Let’s sign up and get this done. And that was a very good decision.”

After his surgery on Oct. 19, 2017, Pickering was up walking the next day and his severe pain was gone. After several weeks, he returned to walking six days a week and even added some weight training. He was able to resume regular activities – like easily putting on his shoes and socks.

Reflecting on his experience, Pickering complimented Dr. Jones on never being in a hurry during his initial visit. “After surgery, he was again not in a hurry and took time to answer my questions and concerns. I thought that was really cool,” he said.

Dr. Jones is funny and laid back, Pickering said, and everyone he works with likes him. “That says volumes about the guy,” he said.

He has recommended Dr. Jones to friends and neighbors and said his rating for Dr. Jones is “five stars.”

Dr. Jones, a spinal orthopedics specialist, is part of a team of more than a dozen providers at Mercy Clinic Orthopedics, 1000 S. 52nd St. in Rogers.

Dr. Jones is in the midst of becoming board certified in orthopedics. He earned his medical degree from Ohio State University College of Medicine. He completed a five-year residency in orthopedic surgery from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and a one-year fellowship in orthopedic spinal surgery at William Beaumont Hospital in Michigan.

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Mercy patient Rick Pickering Mercy patient Rick Pickering