Mercy St. Louis Doctors Only in Metro to Perform Aquablation Therapy for Treatment of Enlarged Prostate

October 24, 2023

ST. LOUIS – Today, doctors at Mercy Hospital St. Louis became the only in the metro area to perform Aquablation therapy, a new procedure for treatment of lower urinary tract symptoms due to benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

BPH is a common, non-cancerous condition that impacts men as they age causing the prostate gland to enlarge. It can lead to problems with urination including increased urinary frequency, urgency and an inability to completely empty the bladder. When lifestyle changes and medications are ineffective in combatting these symptoms, surgery is often recommended.

Aquablation therapy, performed using the AquaBeam Robotic System, is the first FDA-cleared, surgical robot that combines real-time, multi-dimensional imaging, automated robotics, and heat-free waterjet ablation for targeted, controlled and immediate removal of prostate tissue. 

Mercy doctor's coat Drs. Greg McLennan and Luis Anglo were first in the area to perform the Aquablation therapy procedure.

During the minimally invasive procedure, surgeons combine both cystoscopic visualization and ultrasound imaging to create a personalized treatment plan tailored to each patient’s anatomy. The map then guides the robotic waterjet to remove the prostate tissue, avoiding critical structures to preserve sexual function and continence. Proven in numerous clinical studies, Aquablation therapy offers predictable and reproducible outcomes, regardless of prostate anatomy, prostate size or surgeon experience.

“Men often suffer with enlarged prostates and the accompanying symptoms because they fear side effects from traditional surgery options as well as oral medications,” said Dr. Luis Anglo, Mercy urologist and the first St. Louis-area doctor to perform Aquablation. “With the new procedure, we’re able to protect surrounding tissue reducing common side effects caused by other surgical options.”

Half of all men ages 51 to 60 have BPH, and the incidence increases every decade of life. If left untreated, BPH can cause significant health problems, including irreversible bladder or kidney damage, bladder stones and incontinence.

Aquablation Therapy Removing Prostate Tissue

Aquablation therapy is the only image-guided, heat-free robotic therapy treatment of enlarged prostate.

Current BPH surgical treatments often force men to choose between either a high degree of symptom relief with high rates of irreversible complications such as incontinence, erectile dysfunction, or ejaculatory dysfunction, or a low degree of symptom relief with low rates of irreversible complications.

“Aquablation therapy allows men to choose an option with potential preservation of sexual function,” said Dr. Greg McLennan, Mercy urologist and director of urology for Mercy’s eastern Missouri region. “The procedure is a true game changer in BPH treatment.”

For more information on Aquablation therapy, visit aquablation.com.